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  • 1. All we need to print for you is a hi-res pdf (We can control and look after all of the repro with our in house team)
  • 2. Approvals are sent back prior to print and a Fogra print can also be supplied so we can show what the finished print will look like
  • 3. Proofs can be produced on request
  • 4. We support on site press passes for all customers and encourage design teams to attend first prints so that any adjustments can be made prior to full production
  • 5. All inks are mixed on site with our in-house ink mixing laboratory and can be easily and quickly adjusted to suit any requirement

Tipografic are proud to be part of Ecovadis

Tipografic are proud to be part of Ecovadis and working towards a more sustainable future.

On every journey there is a starting point, and we are proud to announce that our first step has already achieved the Bronze status. There is a long road to travel with some exciting news in the near future which further show our dedication to making our company and production processes more environmentally friendly and reducing our carbon footprint.

Not only are we moving forwards with our environmental plans and targets but we are continually improving in the way that we work. Therefore we are proud to announce that we have been awarded the highest health & safety standard by the BPIF – “BPIF Health & Safety Seal of Excellence”.

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