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  • 1. All we need to print for you is a hi-res pdf (We can control and look after all of the repro with our in house team)
  • 2. Approvals are sent back prior to print and a Fogra print can also be supplied so we can show what the finished print will look like
  • 3. Proofs can be produced on request
  • 4. We support on site press passes for all customers and encourage design teams to attend first prints so that any adjustments can be made prior to full production
  • 5. All inks are mixed on site with our in-house ink mixing laboratory and can be easily and quickly adjusted to suit any requirement

Wet Glue Labels

The Tipografic humidity-controlled factory prints around the clock and operates on a three-shift system, seven days a week, and produces up to six million labels EVERY hour.

We manufacture wet glue labels for a huge variety of clients across the food and drink industry. From everyday products to luxury items, we produce labels for all major supermarkets and global blue-chip companies, including products such as canned food, bottled drinks, preserves, chocolate wrappers, composite tubes, and ice-cream pots.

Printing on film or paper from 60 GSM to 800 GSM thicknesses, we finish to the highest possible specification and accuracy, including UV, spot UV and emulsion coatings, foil blocking, embossing, and unique numbering, metallic papers, and eight-colour inline print processes. All are regulated by our precision printing process and spectrophotometric colour management technology to achieve even your most demanding labelling challenge.

Label Shapes and Cutting

The Tipografic factory boasts four automated finishing lines, with two square-cut and two punch finishes. We also have an oversize label punch, giving us the best capacity to print large and oversized labels with a maximum punch size of 360 x 360mm. We also celebrate our facilities and equipment that can print inline up to eight colours, spot and UV varnish, foil blocking and embossing, punched or cut labels, and innovative marketing tools.

Our finishing machines are some of the industry’s most sophisticated and reliable technology, designed to get the most out of each sheet to make your results more cost-effective and environmentally responsible. Furthermore, our purpose-built anti-mixing inspection system checks every pack of labels we print, giving you the confidence that what we deliver is fully verified. Therefore, whilst increasing your products’ shelf appeal, we recycle 100% of our factory waste to make your success more sustainable. You can learn more about our sustainability promises here.

Our Sustainability Promise

At Tipografic, we have successfully built an ethical company with sustainable strategies to minimise the ecological impact of our services and products. Eco-efficiency is essential to who we are, and we promise to help our clients and industry progress towards a greener and cleaner future.

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